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Please see our photos below of how we collect, clean, and process our shells

Shells are collected by local island natives for food.   Natives collecting shells on low tide.
Diving for rare shells. Diving 30ft on only one breath of air.   After the shells are eaten for food, they are bleached clean.
Huge vats are used to clean larger shells.   After cleanning the shells,We make many kinds of shellcraft and marine curios.

Unloading Giant Clams

  Monster size Tridacna Gigas

Far Left is "LITA" the boss at work.

  "Mila" holding the list of inventory.

Loading container for export.

  Many items made from capiz shells.

Capiz shell candle holders.

  Al on left and "Siloy the King of Shells".

Making Shell Flowers,,Jewelry boxs & Frames.

  Sorting and cleanning shells.

Left hand welk shells

  Starfish before packing

Many shellcrafts require cutting,sanding,and polishing.   The shells are graded and stored in our huge warehouse.
Giant clams under water   Giant clams after aductor mussell inside is removed.
Sharp edges of clams being filed smooth.   Diver with real blue starfish.
Diver with knobby starfish and jungle starfish.   Shark jaws - mounted sea life.
Bahama pink conch shells before processing.   Bahama pink conch shells already graded and sized and ready for cleanning.
Gems of the sea Cyprea Guttata,Lucadon,Valentia.   White House uses Shell Horizons Seashells.
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We have been satisfying collectors and dealers for 30 years. Pictured is Conus Milneedwardsi.   Gems of the sea "Conus Gloriamaris" Dark and Gold forms.
We can supply $50.00 orders or full container lots, we ship worldwide since 1976.   The end result is fast selling wholesale ocean products direct from the source to you. We want to thank all our loyal customers for purchasing from us.
Our shells are used for many costumes.
Future owners of Shell Horizons,Inc.
Twins Alexandria & Michael Melissas
Born Nov.17th 2005

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