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New Items



Deep water Red Coral Necklaces

Finest Quality from Midway Island.

Click any picture for a larger image.
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Red Coral Pendant #2 - Click For Larger View
Red Coral Pendant #2
Click Here to Order Red Coral Pendant #2 RWCZ1-100 (16") $15.00 EA

Red Coral Pendant #7 - Click For Larger View
Red Coral Pendant #7
Click Here to Order Red Coral Pendant #7 RCTD1-100 (16") $15.00 EA

M.O.P. Coral Tear Drop - Click For Larger View
M.O.P. Coral Tear Drop
Click Here to Order M.O.P. Coral Tear Drop HRC1-700 (17"-20") $25.00 EA

We have the lowest price for these rare collectable and unique coral design neklaces.
Click picture for better view.
Cannot be exported outside USA.
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